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James Montemagno

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James Montemagno


Build Your First for iOS & Android App with Xamarin and Visual Studio

Let's start our journey together to build beautiful native cross-platform apps with .NET, Xamarin, and Visual Studio! In this blog I am going to guide you through the entire process and describe everything that is in File -> New for Xamarin. If you are a more visual learner, I have a full video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvp7wvbyceo] that you can watch: Let's set some groundwork first by answering some frequent questions. What is .NET? .NET [https://dotnet.microsoft.com?WT.mc_id=friends-…

James Montemagno James Montemagno

I crush code and share it, publish NuGet packages, speak at conferences, upload videos, pretend I am good at playing video games, tweet up a storm, drink gallons of coffee, and ride my bike. Checkout my monthly newsletter that you should subscribe to!