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James Montemagno

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Get Android Messages, Photos, and Notifications on Your Windows Desktop

As an Android user, I have always been jealous of iOS users that own a Mac, as iMessage is pretty much awesome. The ability to send and receive text messages from your phone or PC and keep them in sync is the dream. I actually lived it for many years as an Android user when I was went all in on Google Voice and after that Google Fi. As long as I had a browser I could easily text or even place a phone call and my phone was aware of everything that was happening. Then late last year I made the big…

James Montemagno James Montemagno

I crush code and share it, publish NuGet packages, speak at conferences, upload videos, pretend I am good at playing video games, tweet up a storm, drink gallons of coffee, and ride my bike. Checkout my monthly newsletter that you should subscribe to!