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Free C# and Xamarin for Beginners Videos Series

James MontemagnoJames Montemagno

Last week Hanselman announced all of the great new videos that are available at dot.net/videos. However, he forgot to mention that there is an entire new getting started series for iOS & Android development with Xamarin! The lovely developer advocate's and friends Matt Soucoup and Brandon Minnick just released the 11 part series! If you are new to C# then don't worry as there is a full C# 101 series.

It has never beena better time to get started learning C# and building mobile apps with Xamarin.


The entire series is available on YouTube and Channel 9. And walks you through:

  • What is Xamarin?
  • Installing Xamarin
  • Xamarin Solution Architecture
  • Xamarin.Forms UI with XAML (and with C#)
  • MVVM
  • Navigation
  • Full Recap!


So much more C# .NET!

There are also tons of amazing series available for all things .NET including:

There is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! Now go off and learn!


Live, Love, Bike, and Code

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