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James Montemagno

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James Montemagno

Life Update

Hello Again, My Name is James

And...... we are back! Where have I been? Inside, in Seattle! It has been around 5 months since my last update on the site and a lot of things have changed since then. Here is an update. Be safe when you get your coffeeSince my last blog here are just a few things that have happened: We ushered in a whole new yearA global pandemic broke out and continues to impact us every dayWe had our largest Xamarin event of the year all online We all learned how to properly wash our handsNintendo Dispatch br…

James Montemagno James Montemagno

I crush code and share it, publish NuGet packages, speak at conferences, upload videos, pretend I am good at playing video games, tweet up a storm, drink gallons of coffee, and ride my bike. Checkout my monthly newsletter that you should subscribe to!