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Visual Studio Code, your new Markdown editor

I feel like I have been spoiled for a long time using macOS as there have been a plethora of great Markdown editors. Now that I am full time on a Surface Book and Windows 10 it saddened me that a version of Mou wasn’t coming or planned at all. I write Markdown just about every day between the libraries on my GitHub and writing blogs and documentation. I have always used VS Code for just light weight text editing and now that it not only runs everywhere, but also supports all sorts of extensions I thought there had to be some form of markdown extension to get me through the day.

 When you boot up VS Code, it isn’t straight forward as to how to get to extensions.You will need to go to View -> Extensions

This brings up the Extensions manager and if you type in @popular then you will see the top extensions. (#1 being C#, which is awesome).

Simply searching for “markdown” gets you into a world of trouble as there are tons of hits all with no icons or real reviews or downloads. Do not worry because I have done all the hard work for you and test a bunch of them out and the one we want to install is “Auto-Open Markdown Preview” (currently version 0.0.3), because it is AMAZING.

Now, you will probably have to re-start and then just open up a markdown file:

Glorious! With images and everything. It is awesome! Enjoy!

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