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What Xamarin Developers Ought to Know to Start in 2017

Inspired by Scott Hanselman’s recent blog on what .NET Developers ought to know to start 2017 I thought I would take it a step further to create a small guide for Xamarin developers creating iOS, Android, and macOS apps in .NET. So I sat down with Chris Hardy and put together a list of Xamarin specific terms and resources.

Before we start, you should totally go read Scott’s awesome blog as it has tons of awesome information. Also, to make this post consumable I broke it down into need/should/nice to know sections and have it broken into iOS and Android too!

When you are ready to get started with Xamarin head to http://developer.xamarin.com, which is absolutely the best place to get started and has been since I started mobile development in 2011. Now, let’s do this!

Where to Start?

Looking to download, learn, watch, and find out more about Xamarin, here are your go to places:

Need To Know: Xamarin

Cross-platform Shared code

There are several ways of sharing code across your different apps:

Library Sources

There are a plethora of APIs available in .NET and each platform, but sometimes you want more! Here is where you get them.


There are some really great libraries created by or supported by Xamarin:

Need To Know: iOS

Need To Know: Android

Should Know: Xamarin

Should Know: iOS

Should Know: Android

Nice to Know

Things to Follow

You made it this far, so why not go even futher. On Episode 29 of Merge Conflict, Frank and I discuss What Developers Ought to Try out in 2017!

Note: I would figure I would add this disclaimer because Scott did. The idea for this post was taken directly from Scott so huge credit for his work. I took a few small snippets from Scott’s blog where I thought it should be duplicated. Additional text was taken from Wikipedia, Google, and Apple’s respective articles and Xamarin/Mono’s documentation.

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