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Xamarin.Android Templates Pack!

Xamarin.Android already ships with a bunch of great project templates for Visual Studio, however I find that there are a few things missing. I usually start a new project with a Navigation Drawer and I am always adding new Menus, but I can never seem to remember every little bit of XML that is needed for some complex menus such as share and search. This is why I have created the Xamarin.Android Templates Pack. This is the first release that includes these items that I have listed. You can download it immediately from the Visual Studio Gallery and browse the code on GitHub.

Included in the Menu Items are not only the XML required but also the code behind that will help you implement it. Once you have the Template pack installed you will see the items when you starter a new project or add an item to the menu folder in Resources.

Navigation Drawer:

Menu Item:

Share Menu:

Search Menu:

I am going to be continuing to add more and more templates and please feel free to add an issue or do a pull request if you want to see something.

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