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Introducing My Stream Timer: A Countdown Timer for OBS

I have been streaming on Twitch for over 6 months now. I stream both code on my personal Twitch channel and I also stream games and recordings of Nintendo Dispatch with my buddy Michael over on the official Dispatch Twitch channel. One thing that always bothered me was having to manually mess around with apps to get a simple countdown timer. They were too complex, had too many options, and had a bunch of quirks. So, I decided to build my own, which is out today on Windows 10 called My Stream Timer.


My Stream Timer is an elegant and simple to use timer that can be used to count up, down, or do giveaways. It also:

Countdown Simplified

I wanted to make this app really easy to use. There are only a few tabs that do only one thing. Count up or down. You can set just a few properties:

When you start a timer the app will start to update and output the results to disk so you can integrate it into OBS/SLOBS:


Optimized for Stream Deck

You can integrate a Open command under System to launch My Stream Timer and start a countdown from a specific amount of time. You don't need to browse for a file location at all as you can input a protocol url:

Format: mystreamtimer://countdown/?mins=6

With this simple command it will launch My Stream Timer and start a countdown from 6 minutes!

In Action

Get It Today

My Stream Timer is available today for free from the Microsoft Store. It is also completely open source on GitHub.

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