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Live, Love, Bike, and Code.

Live, Love, Bike, and Code



Motz Codes Live!

When I am not traveling around presenting at conferences, dev days, user groups, and code camps you will probably find me doing one of three things: Riding my bike, drinking coffee, and most likely coding. The elusive Motz can be found coding usually from home or in a coffee shop drinking said coffe, but I have finally decided to unleash my coding to the world in a new web series I am calling “Motz Codes Live”.

Each week I will be covering a topic of mobile development and for about 30-60 mintues I will be coding live, answer questions, and showing you exactly how I code on a daily basis.

Last week I kicked things off by covering how to create your very first Xamarin.UITest test and ship your app to Xamarin Test Cloud all in under 60 minutes. If you weren’t able to see it live the best part is all Motz Codes Live episodes are recorded! Here is the first one:

This Friday I will be covering the topic of using local storage with SQLite-net PCL in your apps. You can subsribe to my Youtube station for the latest updates. Be sure to register here on google hangouts.

Be sure to follow my Google+ or Twitter account for new episodes.

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