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Live, Love, Bike, and Code.

Live, Love, Bike, and Code



One Month of Live Coding!

Just a little over a month ago I decided to start a brand new live video series called Motz Codes Live. The idea was to cover a random mobile topic that I was investigating or interested in or perhaps a cover from YOU that you wanted to see, and I have to say that so far things have gone AMAZING with a bunch of awesome developers showing up each week and thousands of video views already. 

Since the launch I have also started a Motz Codes Live GitHub repo where I upload all of my slides and any sample code during the live session.  In case you missed any of the episodes live don’t worry as they are all recorded and published immediately on my YouTube channel. Here is a recap of the last few episodes:

Pull to Refresh

Take a look live of implementing pull to refresh in Xamarin.Forms and also my new PullToRefreshLayout!

Integrating Mobile App Preferences and Settings

Let’s create a SQLite Database!

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