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Live, Love, Bike, and Code.

Live, Love, Bike, and Code



See Me Code & Present In Person This Fall!

Sure, I have been live coding all over the interwebz for the last month and will be doing so again this Friday on MVVM Light, but what about seeing some live coding in person? Well you are in luck as I have a super crazy schedule once again flying all over the beautiful US of A! Over the next two months I will be giving sessions, dev days, workshops, webinars, and sooooo much more! I always keep the right side of the blog up to date with where I am at, but here is a nice extended view:

This is really just the start though! If you are a user group leader in any of these areas and are looking for a presentation let me know! Reach out and DM me on twitter and I will let you know if I am in town. I hope to see you really soon in person at one of these awesome events!

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