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Live, Love, Bike, and Code



Some more code!

So before motzcod.es existed I did a lot of blog posting about code and such over on motzwrit.es. As tumblr doesn’t allow a good way to transition posts I just wanted to create a nice archive here:

Windows Phone:
Amazing - 1 Feature = Windows Phone Toolkit

Windows Store:
Re-Use your WP Isolated Storage Settings in Windows Store Apps

The APK Dilema: To Split or Not to Split
Making Theme.Holo Look awesome with gradients
Mono for Android AdMob6 BInding
Mono for Android: GridView in my ScrollView
Mono for Android: Swipe/Fling Tabs in List VIew
Mono for Android: Fix the DatePickerDialog Month
Mono for Android: Load more items in list view when scroll to end
Mono for Android: Remove that empty text view
Mono for Android: Theme your app: part 2
ListView Fast Scroll with SectionIndex in Mono for Android
How to use Theme.Holo in Mono for Android

A broken process (A look at mobile development releases)
Get your LINQ ordeby right
WPF Background opacity magic

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