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James Montemagno


Donating $250 to Warm Hearts Winter Drive Thanks to Hacker News!

A little over a week ago I published a blog post on how I put together a DIY spin bike [https://montemagno.com/building-an-at-home-diy-spin-bike-for-peloton-apple-fitness/] for Peloton & Apple Fitness+ classes for under $400, and to my surprise it got shared on Hacker News [https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25447710]! It was not only shared, but it got upvoted and at the peak it was ranked at number 7 of all Hacker News articles for the day! It was a wild ride watching the real time traffic f…

James Montemagno James Montemagno

I crush code and share it, publish NuGet packages, speak at conferences, upload videos, pretend I am good at playing video games, tweet up a storm, drink gallons of coffee, and ride my bike. Checkout my monthly newsletter that you should subscribe to!