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Donating $250 to Warm Hearts Winter Drive Thanks to Hacker News!

A little over a week ago I published a blog post on how I put together a DIY spin bike for Peloton & Apple Fitness+ classes for under $400, and to my surprise it got shared on Hacker News! It was not only shared, but it got upvoted and at the peak it was ranked at number 7 of all Hacker News articles for the day! It was a wild ride watching the real time traffic for my site continue to see a bump for a full 36 hours.

My blog at number 7 on Hacker News!
My blog at number 7!

In the end, the traffic for my site was 8x the normal amount, and the post jumped up to over 8,500 views!

Google Analytics spike in traffice on December 16th.

I wrote the blog post for fun and in hopes that others that were interested in putting together a spin bike on the cheap could learn from my experience. Reading the comments on Hacker News and Twitter, I am glad to see that so many people found it helpful. One thing that I try to be transparent on in videos, blogs, and tweets is when I use a referral code in which I will generate a small amount of money if someone buys something from clicking the link. Spoiler alert, this is basically how every website on the internet works. In transparency I had a big disclaimer on the bottom of the post in which one Hacker News reader made it all the way to the bottom:

Now, I am not sure why they felt disappointed by this at all, but I am sorry that they did feel that way. As the blog continued to get hits, it drove referral traffic via Amazon. That day, I decided that after a week I would take portion of the proceeds from the Amazon affiliate program and donate it to a charity here in the PNW.

Today, I am donating $250 to the Warm Hearts Winter Drive. This is a great fundraiser by Columbia Bank that works to provide winter wear for those in need at homeless shelters throughout the Northwest.

Warm hearts winter drive logo

This year they have raised just over $208,264 and are on their way to reach their goal of $250,000 by the end of the year! I want to thank all of the readers and upvoters of the article who helped make this donation possible. If you bought a spin bike, I hope that you enjoy it and let me know how it is going on Twitter.

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