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Straightening Your Webcam with a $3 Level

If you have been working from home more recently and started to invest in a sweet new home setup you may have upgraded your webcam. Most webcams mount on top of a monitor, but if you are going the DSLR or GoPro route then it has a mount on a mount or sometimes an arm. All of this can lead to complications of "straightening" your video output. If you are using a monitor arm like I am then there is yet another complication in the mix. However, with these super simple $3 "bubble levels", you can fix up all your problems.

Look at these level!

Alright, so is it really a problem? Maybe? My setup consists of two monitors that are on an arm that allows the monitors to rotate in all different directions. I use a GoPro for my webcam that is mounted on the top of my monitor. It is a nice setup, but when I was on calls and live streaming on Twitch I noticed that the shelf behind me seemed a little off. So, I grabbed these bubble levels on Amazon and strapped them on.

It may look a bit funny to have these levels strapped onto the top, but I am the only one that looks at them. With them in place I was first able to straighten out my monitor (left bubble level) and then also prop up my GoPro to straighten it out. The result.... amazing

There you have it, $3 bubble levels to the rescue!

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